Make a cute carrot garland, perfect for Spring!  This project can be done with minimal or no sewing, and is kid friendly. It makes a great photo prop or Easter decoration.  If you wanted to, you could also cut out some bunny shapes and glue a pompom on for the tail.  I'm a sucker for anything with veggies on it, so I thought it would be fun to make more vegetables and continue to use it after Easter.  You could also make different colored heirloom carrots (white, purple, yellow) instead of just the standard orange ones. Use your imagination!


You will need:

Felt - one 12 x 18" sheet each of orange and green - makes about 25 carrots.

Yarn for hanging

Sewing machine, hand sewing needle and thread, OR hot glue gun

All purpose glue

Black permanent marker



Begin by drawing your carrots onto your orange felt before cutting them.  You can practice on a piece of paper first if desired.  You can make your carrots uniform and symmetrically shaped, but I chose to make mine more realistic, long and oddly shaped and all different sizes.  If you want them to all be same, you can cut one out and use that to trace all the other ones.  Once you've got them drawn on, go ahead and cut them out.


Then you'll want to cut out some green carrot tops.  Again, draw them on first and then cut them out, and decide whether you want uniformity or a more organic look. I just drew some sprawling grass like shapes that bend outward from the center, and left the bottom flat since that part won't be seen.  I made the base of them slightly smaller than the tops of carrots they would be attached to.  It took me a few tries to draw the shape I really liked.  Once you're happy with your carrot tops go ahead and cut those out too.


















Next, you will use your all-purpose glue to attach the greens to the carrots.  There were some pencil marks on my felt pieces, so I deemed those the back sides.  Put a little bit of glue onto the front side of your carrot green, and then stick the carrot down (front side up) on top of it and press it down to help the glue permeate.  You don't have to use a ton of glue.












































Your carrots are almost done! Now take your black permanent marker and draw some horizontal lines on the carrots.  Make them bend (like a rainbow) slightly so they make the carrot look round and not flat.  Make some of them come from the sides and some in the middle, and make some in groupings of two or more.  If your carrot has an inward bend on one of sides, put a little line in the crook of the bend for a realistic wrinkle look.  You may also choose to leave the lines off completely for a brighter look that might be more appealing for younger children. 



























I initially tried to stitch the black lines on the machine but it was a lot more work because of all the threads, and it was hard to make them bend right, plus they kind of sunk into the felt which made them look very thin and fine.  You might choose to hand stitch them on with embroidery floss or yarn though.


Once all your carrots are ready, it's time to attach them to a piece of yarn for hanging.  I used a lime green length of cotton yarn for this, but it doesn't matter a whole lot what you use as long as you like the way it looks.  I didn't measure to space the carrots to be evenly, but there was about 7-8 inches between each one.  Space yours however you like them.


There a few different methods you could use to attach the carrots to the string.  I turned my carrots over to the back and machine stitched them on using black thread and a short horizontal line.  From the front it just looks like another one of the black draw-on lines. 














































If I would have thought about it first, I maybe would have sewn the string onto the carrot tops near the bottom, prior to attaching the tops to the carrots.  This way the stitching would be hidden.

If you don't want to use a machine, you could hand stitch them on, or even use hot glue.  The carrots are very lightweight, so I'm sure hot glue would be just as effective as stitching them on.


To complete your carrot garland, tie two slip knots on either end of the string, and it's ready to hang!


























Carrot Garland